We believe that we can improve the quality of life by providing a safety net through insurance.

This safety net should be affordable and available to everyone all over the world.
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That's why we are creating Hi There

Hi There is:

  • An insurance company
  • Completely automated from start to end
  • Based on one single source of truth
  • Generating Real-Time information
  • Always in control

Therefore the insurer profits from:

  • Operating costs that decline to a minimum
  • Products that can be introduced instantaneously
  • The ability to introduce products everywhere

While the end consumer obtains:

  • Insurance products against the lowest price
  • A seamless customer experience at their finger tips

Hi There Timeline

The way Hi There Works


Hi There provides our clients with product and price information


Hi There manages the complete insurance process


Hi There provides all stakeholders with the appropriate information

The Insurance product creation cycle

A goal of Hi There is to empower our clients to design insurance products that people really want. This had led us to define the production creation cycle that makes the process of designing and releasing new products simple:

  1. Listen to our clients
  2. Transform their needs into a new insurance product
  3. Implement the new product in Hi There using the Product Developer Portal
  4. Make the new product available to our clients

The insurance client portal


Clients can view their products and personal information


Clients can change product or personal specifications


Clients can make a claim


Clients are informed about possible insurances of interest

Without participants Hi There will not get off the ground.

And that's why we are looking for like-minded partners

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